Father’s Day inspires first blog post

So Mark and I have been thinking about what you all might be interested in reading and we have gauged this on what it is we like to know. We are fans of shopping for quality goods but don’t like parting with our hard earned cash! This may sound familiar to many of you in a world where costs are spiraling out of control as our incomes remain pretty static. Looking for a bargain is, therefore, a new hobby!

So, in order to help you in the way we like to be helped, here’s our top 5 gifts for Father’s Day for under £20.

 No. 5 – Personalised Daddy Bear Mug (£9.99)

This lovely bone china mug is a great gift for a tea or coffee loving dad. The cute bear is the perfect image to represent your cute little one who will undoubtedly hand this gift over with a huge smile across his face. Personalised with daddy’s name this is a sure fire winner. And what’s more, this one is under a tenner!

No. 4 – Bestest Daddy Keyring (£12.99)

A keyring is always a well received gift. With such great quality, our keyrings are stylish and unique and can be personalised with your own message on the reverse. Our keyring range is broad so why not look beyond those on our father’s day page as they make precious prezzy’s for year long occasions. One of our particular favourites is the ‘Favourite Song Lyric’ keyring.

No. 3 – Leather Tan ‘Millionaire’ Wallet (£19.99)

I don’t think I have ever met a dad who doesn’t need a new wallet. Full of cards you have probably never used, grabbing this genuine leather wallet is a great opportunity for a clear out and prioritise your most important cards. You can finally walk around without bulging pockets and know you have a high quality item.

No. 2 – Personalised ‘Beer Hunt’ Pint Glass (£16.99)

Of all our alcohol vessels, this one of our personal favourites. Mainly as we have read the Michael Rosen book ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ to death with both of our boys but we love the play on words which has been a popular feature with many of our customers. And if you haven’t yet seen it and didn’t want to leave mum out, we do a Gin glass to match!

No. 1 – Personalised Wooden Activity Dice (£12.00)

So our top pick and our most popular father’s day gift so far is this personalised activity dice. Just the perfect way to mix up the fun with dad by rolling the dice and seeing which fun activity you will get to do. The limitation to the fun you can have is down to your imagination. Think outside the box and be as whacky as you can. And at just £12.00 this has to be our top choice gift for under £20.